Parking Control. The Firefly ESV™ is Manageable in all Environments.

FireFly ESV™ : Parking Control Model

The 100% electric FireFly™ is the dependable workhorse that allows parking enforcement officers to complete their jobs efficiently and effectively. The FireFly™ has many critical operating features designed to facilitate parking enforcement responsibilities including DuraGlide™ doors and an on-board DAS (Digital Acquisition System).

The FireFly™ is the only 100% electric vehicle designed to meet the demands of parking enforcement. No other vehicle in the market has the design features that are critical for the execution of parking enforcement requirements coupled with the added benefit of zero-emissions. The FireFly™ is virtually maintenance free, which will significantly reduce operating costs.  The design features below will make the FireFly™ a great addition to your parking fleet.

  • The FireFly ESV™ works with most LPR (License Plate Recognition) and Auto Chalking systems in the market.
  • FireFly™ integrated safety cage gives the PEO (Parking Enforcement Officer) impact protection.
  • The tight turning radius allows the PEO to maneuver around narrow streets and alleys.
  • The slim design allows the PEO to park in tighter, smaller urban environments.
  • The DuraGlide™ doors allow the PEOs to work from both sides on a one way street with the doors open or closed.
  • The power plant achieves 55 MPH in seconds, allowing the PEO to keep up with traffic.
  • The DAS gives parking professionals complete control of the FireFly™ environment with all operational switches positioned on the main user pod, including the speedometer.
  • The FireFly ESV™ can travel 90 miles between charges, giving the PEO the power needed to get the job done.
  • The customizable modular bed design can easily be built your way to include a lockable bed or a sectional bed that allows room for boots and parking cones.

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