How many miles will it travel on one full charge?
When fully charged, the FireFly™ will go 90+ miles with LED lights on.
How do I charge the batteries on the FireFly™?
The FireFly™ comes with a 110v power cord that will plug into any 110v outlet. The FireFly™ can also be charged with an optional SAE-1772 charging station (220v outlet).
How long does it take to charge the FireFly™? Do I need a special plug?
• 110v outlet – 8 Hours (via Level 1 J1772)
• 220v outlet – 6 Hours (via Level 2 J1772)
• The charger will recognize the voltage and operate accordingly.
What are LiFePO4 batteries?
Lithium Iron Phosphate – These batteries are state of the art and do not have the volatile nature of some other types of batteries. They are also less susceptible to adverse reactions from extreme temperature fluctuations.
Do I need a special plug?
You can utilize the included Level 1 charger with any 110V 15A dedicated wall outlet, but we recommend utilizing a dedicated SAE-J1772 charging system.
What happens if I run out of power?
The FireFly™ is equipped with a limp mode that will allow you to drive the FireFly™ at 20mph back to the garage or the nearest charging station. If this occurs you will have about 10 miles before it completely shuts down.
Where are the batteries located?
The batteries are easily accessible under the seat.
How long can I run the light beacons before it depletes the charge on the batteries?
8-12 hours.
Do the batteries need maintenance?
No, the batteries are maintenance free – the onboard Battery Management System and DAS Electronics package will monitor the battery pack at all times.
Does the FireFly™ come with air conditioning?
Air conditioning is an option. Please request a quote.
How will AC affect the range?
Since the AC is very high efficiency, the effect on range will typically be no more than 15%.
What is the top speed and can I govern the speed?
The top speed is 55mph. Yes, the speed can be set from the factory to any setting.
Can I add additional LED lighting to the FireFly™? Will it affect the range?
Yes, we are able to add additional LED lights based on your needs. It depends on how many and the amps the lights draw. Contact us to discuss your needs.
What is the cost to operate the FireFly™?
The cost, based on average national utility rates, is approximately $0.0167 per mile. Contact us to help determine the exact operating cost based on your location and utility rate.
How much payload can I carry?
The payload is 750 lb. (including driver).
What are the body panels made of?
High Strength Textured ABS Plastic.
What type of glass is used on the front windshield and windows?
High Strength Tinted Polycarbonate.
Will the windshield wiper haze the Windshield?
No, the windshield is coated for lifetime protection.
What types of bed customization/configurations are available on the FireFly™?
• Flat Bed
• Van Box
• Compartmentalize the standard box.
• Other custom options available, please contact us for more information.
What percentage of the FireFly™ is made in the USA?
What is the availability of parts?
Since the FireFly™ is 95% US made, parts are readily available. Most common wear parts are available off the shelf. All factory parts will be ordered through the dealer network.
Does the rear bed have enough room to fit parking boots?
Yes, the rear bed can fit several large size boots. Bed dimensions are 44 in x 51 in x 12 in.
Can the FireFly™ run an LPR (License Plate Recognition) System?
Yes, the FireFly™ can run most LPR systems. Contact us to discuss.
Are there right hand or left hand drive configuration available on the FireFly™?
Yes, both. Please request a price quote.
Can I run the FireFly™ with the doors open?


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