The 100% Electric FireFly™ has Arrived.

The FireFly™ is an ESV (Essential Services Vehicle) that is specifically designed for parking enforcement, security, shipping and delivery, and grounds maintenance.

Parking Control

With its short turning radius, DuraGlide™ doors, and full visibility for the driver, the FireFly™ offers a practical and safe solution for navigating tight spaces.


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The 100% electric FireFly™ is ready to serve and protect. With speeds up toto 55 MPH and 90+ miles per single charge, the FireFly™ is ready to go the distance.


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Small Package Delivery

The FireFly™ is designed and engineered for efficiency. The 100% electric FireFly™ is perfect for short-distance trips and stop-and-go driving. The FireFly™ truly delivers.


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Grounds Maintenance

The FireFly™ is durable and ready to work. The FireFly™ is a minimal-impact service vehicle with a modular design that can be customized to perform numerous applications.


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